$500 off all 2022 Beta 2 Stroke Models (whilst stocks last)

2022 RR Enduro model range with significant changes including an all-new larger bore 300 two-stroke engine, upgraded ECUs on the four-stroke models, plus new suspension and clutches across the eight-strong range.
Success on the world stage doesn’t get much more prominent than Steve Holcombe and Brad Freeman in EnduroGP. The pair have dominated world enduro for over half a decade and don’t look like slipping from the top of the tree any time soon.

They have been joined on the Hard Enduro world stage this season by Jonny Walker who brings (at last) race-winning potential for the Italian manufacturer in the major Extreme races. The upgrades introduced for model year 2022 on the eight-strong two-stroke and four-stroke range are “significant” Beta says and as ever trade on that racing success.

But while the 250 and 300 two-strokes have enjoyed a huge amount of success, Beta’s four-troke range has always played second fiddle. That is until Holcombe jumped on to the 350 four-stroke and promptly took the 2020 EnduroGP world title at first attempt. It was a significant move not just for Steve but because it brings the highest level of development to their 4T range and Beta are quick to point out the direct link between their race bikes and those you can buy in the dealers.

Concentrating on the engines and suspension for 2022 model year, the engineers in Tuscany say they set the goal of fine-tuning their bikes “without altering their unique character, accentuating all the outstanding qualities setting each individual model apart”.